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Michael Schmitz

I'm creating a Community of German learners

Michael Schmitz

I'm creating a Community of German learners

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Why You Should Join Me

What makes my day are messages from German learners that say that they deeply enjoy learning German with smarterGerman. I'm also happy for any other learner that is enjoying learning German but if my work has contributed to their joy, my day is made.

My aim is to make learning German as simple as possible so that it feels like eating Italian ice-cream on a not too hot summer day. With my current online course I have already set the bar high when it comes to efficiency of language learning but I aim at even better results. I'll keep you posted about my projects and ideas here.

A Big Thanks

I thank each and everyone of you for trying to make a difference in your lives by learning German. You might not feel it yet but by making this effort you change this world a little bit for the better step by step. Danke dafür. 

About Me

I have been teaching German since 1999. And since 1990 I have been researching ways to improve my learning skills and came in touch with so-called mnemo-techniques. Over the years my knowledge and my experience have grown and ultimately lead to what you enjoy as the Everyday German Online Course. 

Teaching a language is far more than just providing the rules and phrases one needs to know to make oneself understood. It is actually accompanying the learner on a journey that will change her life. 

The aim of a real teacher must be to make students become independent of one's teaching as soon as possible. After all, one learns a new language in order to become a more autonomous being. This desire needs to be reflected in every part of the learning process. That's why in the Everyday German course you do not only learn vocabulary or grammar rules but above all acquire a powerful and efficient learning structure as well as learning techniques which you can use far beyond the course's limits.

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